Fruity / Sorbet pops: All of our Fruits Pops are made with handpicked fresh fruits in our Wynwood store back kitchen, because we always love giving you the freshest ingredients Florida has to offer.

Ice Cream Pops: All of our Creamy Pops are made with fresh milk, cream, egg yolks and cane sugar. We proudly pasteurized our family Ice Cream Custard recipie in house.

Vegan Ice Cream Pops: All of our Vegan Pops are made using Oats Milk and Cashew Milk. This Vegan ice cream base is made completely in house.

Doggy Pops: The perfect frozen dog treat for your beloved pup. Made with fresh fruits and sweeten with honey.

Our dedicated Pastry Team makes all our housemade pastries, ice cream add-ins, fillings and jams at our Wynwood back kitchen.