Our shop is a true representation of who we are. From the moment you approach our store, you’ll be surrounded by greenery, nature, colors and wood. It’s a fresh, natural look that speaks to the ingredients you’re about to discover once you step inside! Owner Sindy Posso was determined to open her first shop in Wynwood, as it would be the perfect backdrop to combine her background in architecture with art and great food.  Cielito’s surroundings in Wynwood and Boca are bright and creative, and it’s no different within our store. You can count on a visual and sensory experience, from the moment you lay eyes on our store to the second you take your first bite. From kitchen faucets pouring chocolate, to a toppings bar with a variety of tempting options, to meringue that can be flamed to order with a blowtorch, you’ll be in for a treat.’

Aside from her passion for architecture, Sindy has also had a love for baking from a young age. She grew up in Colombia surrounded by a family of bakers, so it’s no surprise she decided to go into this industry. At Cielito Sindy keeps it in the family, working alongside her husband and mother to incorporate decades-old family recipes. Customers can watch these recipes take shape through the large window within the shop. This not only allows people to feel like they’re part of the process, but it also emphasizes the transparency and openness that is true to the Cielito name.